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April 23, 2013

Years ago I had considered replacing the maintenance-intensive static image galleries with dynamic database queries. Back then, the dsatabase wasn't stable enough. Now it is. So now the image galleries are dynamic and therefore look a bit different. Some links may have become invalid because of the extensive changes - if you encounter a broken link, please let me know.

November 8, 2012

The news these past months either occurred in the project blog or were announced on Facebook. But now there's a whole group of new pages: 1930s Style, 1940s Style and 1950s Style.

November 15, 2010

I'm trying to reasurrect the "Picture of the Month", but I need your input: Which pictures would you like discussed? You're welcome to send me some if you're sure that nobody will chew my arse over copyright matters.
In the future, please check the Facebook Fan Page for updates.

April 16th, 2009

Just in case you've thought that this site is orphaned, I'd like you to know that I'm still there, fixing this and that. Only I hardly have any time for major updates or new pages.

February 25th

There now are better scans of the Diderot plates, and what's more: of all of them. Explanations only exist in German, though (and in French, of course).

December 22nd

Revamped the 18th century shifts.

December 20th

Newly translated: A Short History of Lace and Since when was what Used?

July 4th

Mary has sent me yet another interpretation/improvement for the 1924 woman's casaque.

June 28th

My cherished visitor, Mary, has just provided me with yet another translation of a French needlework pattern. They're a crocheted woman's casaque and a knit man's cardigan, both 1924.

May 17th

Translated period sewing techniques.

May 15th

Translated the "Short history of the corset".

May 12th

At last, the text search is back! The original script had given out for mysterious reasons, so I've configured a new one. As always, it's better than the old one in some respects, and worse in others.
The same for the newsletter (thee start of this page): I'm using a new script there and I hope I've managed to migrate all existing subcribers.

May 10th

Finished translating the man's 18th century shirt and man's 18th century suit instructions as well as 18th century stockings.

April 21st

Revamped the navigation for the 18th century. The pages were getting too many for a single inde page.
Renovated the instructions for 18th century stays. Actually I wanted to translate some of the pages that only exist in German so far, but somehow I got stuck with the stays and spent about 4 nights translating them. - again. But the other pages, the ones I originally wanted to translate, will soon follow. I hope. Er.

November 17th

Completely revamped the pages on making a robe à la française. The instructions should be a lot clearer now.

November 5th

Now that I have made a number of 18th century bedgowns myself, I think I have it figured out. Therefore, I have added my own pattern and instructions to the contemporary ones that I'd published earlier.
Two very nice visitors to my site have kindly translated/corrected/modernised some needlework patterns that I have up here. They are for an 1866 crochet border and a 1924 knitted jersey jacket.

September 16th

The time line has been extended until 1949. I hope that this will smash some clichés about 30s and 40s fashion, which is almost as poorly represented in paper publications as the WWI period.

September 6th

The time line, which up until now had covered 1830-1919, has been extended until 1930. Further extension until 1950 is in the pipeline.

July 29th

A new page on 18th century fans.

July 6th

Added over 100 pictures to the database that I've taken at the new costume museum in Ludwigsburg, Germany. One day soon I'll add a static page for them as well.

February 13th, 2005

A couple of 1875 pictures of male fashion have been added to the database. Patterns are to follow.






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