Tomesode Fabric Patterns

Most of the kimono in my small collection are tomesode, or more properly kuro-tomesode (black tomesode), the kind worn by married women for formal occasions. Why? First, because I love the highly elegant patterns and colour schemes and rather dislike pastel colours. Second, because I buy my kimono at flea markets. Fair-coloured kimono are very susceptible to irremovable staining, so most pastel-coloured kimono at the flea market look awful. Tomesode, however, often appear to have been worn only once and are, by way of the black backgound, less likely to be disfigured by stains.

Tomesode at department store

note gold-ish colour scheme

Tomesode fabric at dept. store

note raised embroidery


apparently made of real silk in an imitation of yûzen so good you'd almost think it was the real thing


in a less sophisitcated yûzen imitation - note how pattern tapers towars the (hidden) right flap

Tomesode fabric

of an unusually modern design, probably a handmade variation on yûzen - note how pattern tapers towars the right flap

Tomesode fabric

from a rather flashy example, made into a suit jacket - the strip to the left is made of the lininig; the bird was on the left flap




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