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This website is non-commercial. All the information is available for free. But of course there are costs, e.g. the rent for the webspace and domains, for research, books and the like. Therefore I'm not adverse to paid advertising. Please contact me if you're interested. (shortcut for the net-savvy: email to webmistress (at) (thisdomain)).


Q: I'm offering a link exchange
A: Thanks, but since my pages are non-commercial, a few hits more are of no advantage to me.

Q: Which pages can I advertise on?
A: On any one or on all of them, with a few exceptions (i.e. dynamically generated pages, for technical reasons).

Q: How many Hits/Pageviews does the site have?
A: As you can imagine, those numbers fluctuate across a year. The autumn/winter/spring months, except December, are strong months, while the summer is relatively weak (see Graph to the right; click to enlarge). The number of Hits per month oscillates between about 2.5 millions (July) and almost 4 millions (January). Pageviews between 430,000 and 650,000, sessions between 88,000 and 125,000 per month.

Q: What does it cost?
A: It depends on which and how many pages you want the ad to appear on, how large, whether it's a text link or a picture. Just as a rule of thumb: A text-only link on an index-level page is about 30€/month, on a "normal" page it's about € 10 a month. Please contact me for details. I'm not at home to by-click or by-sales arrangements which would usually require registration with a third party - I don't trust third parties.

Q: What can I advertise for?

A: While adverstising on Google Ads or the websites of well-known newspapers has to bother a huge number of people, out of which a quarter of a percent (if you're lucky) is interested in your product, this website reaches a relatively small number of people (about 90,000 a month), but with high accuracy - if your product fits my visitors' search pattern, which I know pretty well. If you're not certain whether your ad fits my website's target audience, just ask me. Examples of suitable products are things that interest the main audience, i.e. re-enactors, theatre and film costumers and LARPers, (e.g. fabrics, wool, spinning, weaving and dyeing accessories, natural cosmetics, jewellery, tools, Renfaire equipment etc). My site also gets a lot of erroneous visits from people searching for e.g. Halloween/Carnival costumes and wigs and non-historical corsets. A business in one of those latter areas would very likely profit from a link that leads the visitor to the kind of site that they really were looking for.

Q: What should an ad look like?
A: Since I don't depend on ads, I allow myself the luxury of declining certain forms of ads. The ad should fit the website design and not get on the visitors' nerves. My personal nemesis is anything that moves, e.g. Flash, animated GIF, blinking text and the like. Text-only and still graphics up to a certain size are welcome.

Q: Would you put a link on a part of your own text, or add some linked text to the existing page content?
A: I strongly believe that a user should be able to tell an ad from the proper page content. So the answer is an emphatic No.

Q: How can I pay?
A: At the moment, there's direct bank transfer within Euroland, and Paypal for anywhere else.